Your confidentiality and privacy practices are important to us

Protected Health Information

Your health information will not be shared or accessed by others without your permission. For more about your rights under federal law, click here. Please note that should you chose to participate in electronic communication (email, text, teletherapy, ect), there may be additional risks regarding privacy and confidentiality. 


Therapy is a safe space to express yourself and be heard. It is important to us that you know your rights regarding privacy practices in order to have a positive counseling experience. All information you share with your therapist will remain confidential except in instances of mandated reporting. Therapist are legally mandated to report instances of suspected child, elder or dependent adult abuse. Therapists are also mandated to report if a client expresses intent to seriously harm themselves or another identified party. 

Consultation and Supervision

In an effort to provide the highest level of quality care, Marriage and Family Therapist Associates are required to consult with a licensed clinician in regards to the treatment of clients until licensed. Lauren Reminger is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (AMF95143; supervised by Naomi Cooper-Martin, MFC48304).

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